Somebody Lied: Not Me Presents Visual Impact Muscle Building Reviewed

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review- Does Is It Really Give You The Hollywood Look?
Learn the truth about Visual Impact Muscle Building which is the first workout program designed to get you the body of a fitness model/hollywood actor and not the typical bodybuilder look.

Let me start by saying that I just don't do many product reviews. It isn't often a product truly satisfies me and I feel it is worth my time to review and try to convince you to buy. You see, most fitness products out there are just crap. I could sell them with some convincing words, but the chances are that the buyer would just refund it and we both end up frustrated.

I am really picky about what I put on my website. It isn't just my business, it is my baby, and I treat with respect. I nurture my site day in day out, watching it grow, as more visitors come by so trust me when I say I would never recommend something I don't beleive in yet alone haven't even used or use.

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visual impact muscle building review
[If you want the body of a Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler, then save your money, this program isn't going to be for you]

Visual Impact Muscle Building, was created by pioneer Rusty Moore. I have a lot of respect for this man, he actually helped me set up my blog and his book taught me so much. I can admit he actually changed my life and gave me hope, so Rusty if you ever read this, I thank you. Anyway enough of the romantic stuff. Lets dig in.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Introduction

The introduction to Visual Impact, introduces the reader to Rusty's philosophies. He succesfully fills a gap in the market by telling you why his training program rocks. He talks about how the internet is littered with bodybuilding advice and how this has trickled down to guys like you who have no idea how wrong this style of training is. Bodybuilding advice is good for bodybuilders, but if you want to look like Brad Pitt in Troy or Taylor Lautner in New Moon then you are going to have to ignore bodybuilding advice and listen to Rusty Moore.

He goes on to explain why doing too many compound movements as bodybuilding suggests can lead to a meathead appearance. Performing the big 3, the bench press, the dead lift and the barbell squat will add mass in the wrong areas such as lower chest, waist, hips and thighs and this is not the way to create a stunning visual appearance.

Rusty later on talks about the two types of muscle growth. These being sarcoplasmic growth which is just an increase in sarcoplasmic fluid in the muscles. This is good for size but doesn't always equal strength. He also talks about myofibril hypertrophy which is actual muscle fibre growth.

Using this invaluable piece of information, he explains how to build a great visually appealing and also strong physique. The program uses 3 main phases plus a bonus phase. Each phase is meant to be done for 2 months and the bonus phase done for 3 weeks. However if you have a lot of muscle to add, just alternate between phase 1 and 2 until you are happy but don't suffer from reverse anorexia and think you are not big enough. Chances are you are.


Visual Impact Muscle Building Review Of Phases

Phase 1- Sarcoplasmin Hypertrophy

In this 2 month phase, you learn to build bigger muscles in all the right areas. This is really important if you want to avoid the cheesy boybuilder look. In this phase you will be using moderately heavy weights lifting in the 6-15 repetition range. You will have to put your ego to the side in this phase, as resting for 30-45 seconds is going to really fatigue your muscles and make you lift lighter than normal. This phase sets you up for phase 2 where you will lifting heavier. Consider this quote " It just doesn’t work to train for strength only with a body that has hardly any muscle. If you are to contract your muscles harder and have barely any muscles, what are you going to contract?" Phase 1 is designed to pack on as much muscle mass as possible in all the right areas before switching to phase 2 to harden these muscles up. This phase is also used for those wanting to lose weight, and he recommends you eat less and perform HIIT training.

Phase 2- Building Muscle Density

This phase you will be doing a modified 5x5 workout. It uses the muscle gained in phase 1 and gets you stronger, and starts to make the transition from making your fluffy looking muscles to big and hard. It is good to alternate between this phase and phase 1 when building muscle. I personally have my little brother doing this and when I wrote this he has gained 17lbs of pure muscle in 4 months. In this phase Rusty encourages you to perform HIIT training to build up your fitness for what leads into phase 3.

Phase 3- Maximise Muscle Definition

Okay, this phase is a pain in the ass, and my least favourite phase. I love the strength training, lifting in 2-4 rep range avoiding failure, but the low calorie diet along with the "strategic cardio" is what does me in. It requires a strong mind and determination on your behalf but be rest assured, when you complete this phase you will be completely shredded, with veins even showing in your abs.

Bonus Phase- For The Shrink Wrap Effect

This phase is excellent and it is a very good technique for getting your muscles even closer to the skin. The goal is to get down to really low body fats in phase 3 before adding some sarcoplasmic growth while also keeping the calories low. This creates a stunning effect and I can personally testify to its effectiveness.

if you are not sold yet carry on reading I have more great things to say.

What Comes With Your Package

 visual impact muscle building
These are the 3 books that come with your Visual Impact Muscle Building product. The manual itself has 15 chapters and 75 pages. The science behind every technique is explained in a language that anyone can understand which is very refreshing.

Included is the exercise guide. Visual Impact is a principles program, so as long as you follow the guidelines you can use any of your favourite exercises. This exercise guide is great value, it contains hundreds of exercises which you can try and covers every single muscle group. The program costs $47 and you would probably pay your personal trainer more for an hour, invest in Visual Impact and save your personal training fees. With this knowledge in your arsenal, you will be giving your personal trainer tips beleive me.

Also included is a printable workout charts with some sample exercises, sets, rep range, rest periods and instructions for each phase.

Rusty also provides a special report about the actual scientific evidence behind most supplements where he interviews experts from the supplement industry, about 30 pages.

My Thoughts On Visual Impact

I love it, as I am sure you can tell from my writing. I haven't many bad things to say about it. It is a constant source of knowledge for me which I always go back to get inspiration for future blog posts. I personally completed it and can say I have had an amazing transformation. My brother uses it and he is getting bigger every passing week. He is 6
foot and started at 123lbs very skinny. He is now 140 lbs so still has a long way to go, but I beleive in Visual Impact and my brothers determination and know they will succeed together.

On his sales page, he has 4 free videos, and he over delivers in my opinion, all he doesn't give away his workouts. Even if you don't end up buying, watch the 4 videos as it will be time well spent, and you will have a great insight into the way you should train to look like the guys above.

What I didn't Like About It

After Visual Impact I can’t go anywhere without getting looks from women. I can’t even go out to a bar or club without girls stroking my abs and feeling my arms. Thanks a ton Rusty, I now feel like a piece of meat.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Summary

visual impact for men

Ease Of Use


Quality of Information


Value for Money


Overall Verdict

There you have it guys. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and I hope you enjoyed this Visual Impact Muscle Building review. The only criticisms I have is that it isn't for women, but he does have a ladies version aptly titled Visual Impact For Women and that I don't agree with the split in phase one. I personally put shoulders with legs and just do chest and triceps. This way I can get more sets in, but I am sure he has his reasons for pairing it like that.

Other than that the product is flawless in my opinion, I hope I tickled your interest, and trust me you wont regret your purchase if you do buy it.

Some Body Lied Not Me Just Reviewed Visual Impact Muscle Building